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About Us

Our Vision

“We promise to bring a delicate touch of beauty and refinement to your special day while ensuring the great taste and premium quality”

Our Mission

“We ensure the great taste and premium quality through the sustainable process and health conscious food ingredients. We more focus on understanding the customer needs and fulfilling them by delivering the right products within the agreed time frame”

Our Values





Having about many years experience in srilankan largest and leading food companies related to chocolate & and confectionery ,natural fruit juice, fruit preserves, snacks,dairy products and dehydrate food industry I was thinking to link my knowledge and experience to an own food business. The mean time I identified there is a great demand on Wedding favors in the market but there are very much limited supplier base on that and out of them also the right food science knowledge applicability is less.
Having consideration on all the market aspects, i started my business on May 2018 – “Tasty Treats“- family own business and I was supported by key contributors.

The customers who worked with us were happy with our quality  products, service and the trustworthiness we ensured on their special day.
After understanding  further customer needs We launched more product varities such as party favors and sweets under the brand name of “Tasty Treats“ and also Species, condiments, dehydrate foods under the brand name “Tastish“.Finally we have focused on food party packaging for our loving customers to make their special day further special and remarkable at a reasonable budjet.
We are happy to say now all these categories can be experienced under with the perceive quality and the great taste.


W.A.S.D Wickramaarachchi
Co-founder Tasty treats/
(BSC special Hon. Food Science and Technology – University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka)